Membership Facilities

Loan Privileges

Membership is open to

  1. All bonafide students of the university teaching departments
  2. All teaching and non-teaching staff of the university
  3. Research scholars enrolled with the university

Loan Privileges

1. Faculty Members (T) 10 Books For five Months
2. College Staff (S) 3 Books For One Month
3. Research scholars(R) 8 Books For One Month
4. M.E. Students (P) 4 Books For 10 Days
5. B.E. Students (U) 3 Books For 10 Days

Conditions of Loan

  1. The loan is not renewable ordinarily
  2. One has to pay an overdue charge of Rs. 2/- per volume per day if the book is kept beyond the permissible period of loan.
  3. Reference books, reports, periodicals, theses and rare books are placed in restricted category and are not issued.
  4. One must not write upon, damage or mark any book belonging to the library. One will has to pay for/replace the book damaged, besides paying the penalty.