Improve Student Learning

Faculty training

  • Qualification Upgradation
  • Subject upgradation and research competence
  • Continuing Education Programmes
  • Participation in Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, etc.
  • Pedagogical Training
  • Management Capacity Development Programmes

Staff Training

  • Technical Staff
  • Administrative Staff
  • Qualification Upgradation
  • Subject upgradation
  • Training in respective functional areas

Enhancement of Research & Development & Innovation

  • Promotion of Innovation and Start-ups
  • Increasing capacity for postgraduate education and establishing teaching and research

Improving transition rates of all categories of students and non-cognitive skills of students

  • Diagnosing Student Weaknesses and Continuous Tracking of Performance
  • Improving Performance in Academic Subjects
  • Peer Learning Groups
  • Appointing Faculty Advisers for Students
  • Timing of Remedial Courses and Repeat Exams and Bridge courses

Academic Reforms

  • Curricular Reforms
  • NBA Accreditation
  • Improved Student Performance Evaluation
  • Performance appraisal of faculty by students
  • Faculty incentive for Continuing Education (CE), Consultancy and R&D

Non Academic Reforms

  • Exercise of autonomies-- Academic, Administrative, Managerial and Financial
  • Establishment of Sustainability Fund (Corpus Fund, Faculty Development Fund, Equipment Replacement Fund and Maintenance Fund)
  • Generation, retention and utilization of revenue generated through variety of activities
  • Filling-up existing teaching and staff vacancies
  • Delegation of decision-making powers to senior institutional functionaries with accountability