Mission & Objectives

Over the years CSRC has emerged as a national security resource Centre and is now being envisaged as a Multidisciplinary Centre for cyber security research. In addition:

  • Conduct high quality applied research in emerging areas of InfoSec including social media, pervasive computing, and crowdsourcing and perform analytics to extract Intelligence.
  • Create indigenous innovative solutions via commercial applications of research.
  • CSRC aims at bridging gaps by being think tank for the nation:
    • Bridging gaps using¬†institutional frame work to bridge the divide between, the Government the military and the industry.
    • Bridging to a large extent by association with the Centre and an ecosystem of academia and industry with much longer tenures.
  • CSRC offers personnel from all arms with aptitude with different cadre including LEA
  • Create opportunities for the transfer of skills, knowledge and ideas between CSRC and the community at large.
  • Aid and advice organizations in cyber security policy enforcements, conduct of security audits and incident handling.