Cyber Security Research Centre


The Cyber Security Research Centre has been established at PEC in collaboration with Chandigarh Administration and NASSCOM with an initial funding of Rs 3 crores. The centre has been set up with the mission to encourage, promote, facilitate and execute interdisciplinary research in areas of Information Security. The Cyber Security Research Centre has been established with the primary focus to conduct applied Research & Development on cyber threats and countermeasures, secure multi-level information sharing, resilient command and control network architectures, social media and data analytics.
The Centre also aims to run educational programmes and perform outreach activities and contribute towards framing of standards and guidelines, policies, metrics and practices to protect our nation’s information and communication systems. The centre closely collaborates with Industry, Government, Academia and other International Forums to foster research in the area. Drawing on the strengths from Computer Science & Engineering, the Center is progressing well to become a valuable regional and national asset for the development of readiness and incidence response for protecting nation’s Cyberspace.
The research Centre engages itself in carrying out real time studies to collect data, conduct surveys and research, which contribute towards understanding of the problems and issues affecting users. The aim is to create technology rich environment conducive to constructive discussions and evolving thoughts, which will lead to innovative ideas in unwiring and digitizing the world securely at affordable costs.
The faculty members working in the research Centre have handled several sponsored projects in the area of Information Security funded by Department of Information Technology, Govt. of India and Media Lab Asia to the tune of Rs 2 crores in the capacity of Principal Investigator. The Centre now has an established professional reputation in the area of Information security and Wireless Networks and has academic and research collaborations with peers from Australia, London, USA and other overseas Universities and research institutions. The faculties have worked with several banks to aid and advise them in handling cyber frauds and other economic crimes. In this endeavor, she has also been instrumental in training more than 300 police officers and defense personnel in handling cyber crimes and investigations.
The faculties also have working relation of more than 08 years with State Police in almost all their ICT Projects of the Police and has been receiving several endorsements in recognition of her work. They have been working with many Indian LEAs and other security agencies and in the process has acquired vast experience in understanding the practical difficulties being faced by them in handling cyber crimes in India.
The research Centre has stimulated inter-disciplinary research in the area of cyber crime and investigations, legal and policy, as well as IT.