Deepak Kumar Sharma

Dr. Deepak
Department Electronics and Communication Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification B.Tech, BBDIT Ghaziabad MS Research, IIT Mandi PhD , IIT Roorkee, Former Scientist (ISRO Bangalore), All India Rank:1 (ISRO Entrance for Scientist)
Research Interests Nanoscale MOSFETs, MEMS Inertial Sensors, MEMS based Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, Thin Film Transistors
Email ( Official ) ( Personal )
Phone Number 9389585817 ( Resdence )

Sr. No. Title
1 Deepak K.Sharma, and Vivek Kumar. "Impact of heavy ions on a-Si: H/PolySi bilayer thin film transistors with Schottky barrier source and drain based on Nickel Silicide." Memories-Materials, Devices, Circuits and Systems (2023): 100096.
2 Vivek Kumar, Amit Kumar Singh Chauhan, Deepak Kumar Sharma "Investigation of Influence of Temperature on Low-Frequency Noise in Neuromorphic Computation", Accepted in IWPSD 2023, IIT Madras
3 Anitha B, Deepak Kumar Sharma et. al. Design and fabrication process development of MEMS quadrupole mass filter for space applications, ISSS Journal of Micro and Smart Systems, 2023
4 Vivek Kumar, Deepak K. Sharma et. al. “TCAD-Based Analysis of Nanosheet and Forksheet FET Electrical Characteristics in the Presence of Gamma and Heavy Ion Radiation " IEEE ESDC, 2023
5 Anitha B, Deepak Kumar Sharma et. al. “Capacitance Modeling of MEMS quadrupole mass filter” AIP Conference Proceedings, 2022
Sr. No. Title Agency Duration of Years
1 Simulation framework for Miniature Mass Spectrometsers PEC Research Initiation Grant, Funding 10 Lakhs 2
2 Thin Film based Faraday Cup integrated with Thin Film Transistors for low Ion Current Measurements in Miniature Mass Spectrometers Bhabha atomic research centre, Board of research in nuclear sciences (BRNS), Funding: 45 Lakhs 3
3 Fabrication of Source Gated Thin Film Transistors for Sensor Interfaces INUP-i2i, IIT Delhi 1
4 Development of MEMS based Mass Spectrometer Department of Space (Inhouse Project) 3
5 Development of MEMS Gyroscope Department of Space (Inhouse Project) 3