Divya Bansal

Divya Bansal
Department Computer Science & Engineering
Designation Professor
Qualification Ph.D-Information Security
Research Interests Cybersecurity, Cognitive Warfare, computational social science, IOT, Pervasive Sensing, and online privacy
Email divya@pec.edu.in ( Official )
Phone Number +91 172 2753853 ( Office )

Sr. No. Title
1 Divya Bansal, Sanjeev Sofat, Securing IEEE 802.11 based hybrid wireless mesh networks, E-Health Networking, Digital Ecosystems and Technologies (EDT), 2010 International Conference on, Vol: 1, No., pp: 431-435, 2010, IEEE
2 Mani Arora, Rama Krishna Challa, Divya Bansal, Performance evaluation of routing protocols based on wormhole attack in wireless mesh networks, 2010 Second International Conference on Computer and Network Technology, pp: 102-104, 2010, IEEE
3 Divya Bansal, Sanjeev Sofat, Anil Kumar Gankotiya, Selfish MAC Misbehaviour Detection in Wireless Mesh Network, 2010 International Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering, pp: 130-133, 2010, IEEE
4 Divya Bansal, Sanjeev Sofat, Prafulla Kumar, distributed cross layer approach for detecting multilayer attacks in wireless multi-hop networks, 2011 IEEE Symposium on Computers & Informatics, pp: 692-698, 2011, IEEE
5 Divya Bansal, Sanjeev Sofat, Prafulla Kumar, SL2R-HT and SL2R-LH: Securing layer-2 routing protocol for WMN, 2011 IEEE Symposium on Computers & Informatics, pp: 565-571, 2011, IEEE
Sr. No. Title Agency Duration of Years
1 Cluster Proposals under the Cyber Security (CS) Research of Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS) Programme of the Department of Science & Technology, GOI, New Delhi. DST, GoI 03
2 Real Time Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Reporting using Sensors: A Pilot Study, Department of Science & Technology & Environment; sponsored by Department of Science & Technology & Environment DST, Chd Admin 01
3 CityProbe: A City-Scale Pervasive Sensing System for Monitoring Road Conditions, Air and Sound Pollution, of 2.5 crores and is in collaboration with institutions of repute: IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur and NIT Durgapur, funded by MHRD under IMPacting Researc MHRD under (IMPRINT – INDIA) 03
4 Framework for Generating Actionable-Intelligence from Cyber Space using Computational Techniques & Analysis DST, GoI 03
5 State of the Art Advanced decryption Facility Inhouse 02
Sr. No. Society Duration
1 Life Member, International Association of Engineers (IAENG)
2 ISOC Global Member, Internet Society (Life Member)
3 General Member, Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)
4 Member, SIGCOMM: Computer Communication Review
5 Member, SIGCOMM,ACM Member
Sr. No. Recent Books
1 Divya Bansal, Sanjeev Sofat, Deployment and evaluation of IEEE 802.11 based wireless mesh networks in campus environment, Proceedings of the 4th ACM Workshop on Networked Systems for Developing Regions, pp: 1-2, 2010, ACM.
2 Sanjeev Sofat: Divya Bansal, Deployment and evaluation of IEEE 802.11 based wireless mesh networks in campus environment., NSDR 2010, Vol:, No., 15, pp: 1-2, 2010, ACM
3 Divya Bansal, Sanjeev Sofat, Use of cross layer interactions for detecting denial of service attacks in WMN, 2010 14th International Telecommunications Network Strategy and Planning Symposium (NETWORKS), pp: 1-6, 2010, IEEE
4 Gupta Yash, Bansal Divya, Sofat Sanjeev, Bivariate Classification of Malware in JavaScript using Dynamic Analysis, pp: 178-182, 2013, Atlantis Press
5 Sanjeev Sofat: Monika Singh, Divya Bansal, Detecting Malicious Users in Twitter using Classifiers, SIN 2014, 2014, ACM