Words from HoD


Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Head of Department
Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a diverse subject that involves use of mathematics and principles of physical sciences to design, study, development and manufacturing of the physical devices and systems. Mechanical engineers are trained to design and manufacture devices and systems and having the ability to scientifically look at the world and solve the engineering problems and work for the benefits of society.

Our department offers four years B.E. degree Course and two years M.E. degree in mechanical engineering. The academic curriculum has been designed to emphasize the mathematical and scientific approach and Industrial training and projects, to endow its graduates to become intellectual leaders in industry, government, and academia. In our department, Ph.D. students are working in different research domains including Advanced /non-traditional machining processes, Micro-manufacturing, CAD/CAM, Composites, Bio-materials, Modelling and Computation in heat transfer, Internal combustion engines, Nanofluids, Mechanical Vibration and so on. Our M.E. and Ph.D. students get scholarship under MHRD and other financial assistance under TEQIP.

Our department comprises of all necessary laboratories equipped with sophisticated instruments for their graduate students and our focus is on developing the state-of-art computational and experimental facilities for teaching and research. In addition to teaching and academic advising, our faculty are actively involved in scholarly research and publications. Our faculty and students continue to be recognized with the highest honours.

We would also like to extend an invitation for you to come and see the Department in person.