Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar
Department Mechanical Engineering
Designation Professor & Head
Qualification Ph.D
Research Interests Advanced Manufacturing, Material Science
Email ( Official ) ( Personal )
Phone Number 0172-2753564 ( Office )
0172-2743477 ( Resdence )

Sr. No. Title
1 “Surface roughness and micro-hardness evaluation for EDM with Cu-Mn powder metallurgy tool”, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 31 (4), page(s) 514-521, 2016. Authors:Gill, A.S. and Kumar, S.
2 “Performance evaluation of the WEDM process of aeronautics super alloy”, Material and Manufacturing Processes, Vol.-33(16), page(s):1793-1808, 2018. Authors:Nain, S.S., Garg, D. and Kumar, S.
3 “Modeling and optimization of process variables of wire-cut electric discharge machining of super alloy Udimet- L605”, Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, Vol.-20(1),page(s): 247-264, 2016. Authors: Nain, S.S., Garg, D. and Kumar, S., IF-2.670
4 “Evaluation and analysis of cutting speed, wire wear ratio, and dimensional deviation of wire electric discharge machining of super alloy Udimet-L605 using support vector machine and grey relational analysis”. Advances in Manufacturing, Vol.-6(2), page(s):225-246, 2016. Authors:Nain, S.S., Garg, D. and Kumar, S., IF-2.334
5 “Conformal cooling for molds produced by additive manufacturing: A Review” International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, Vol.-9(1), page(s):1162-1172 2018. Authors:Phull, G. S., Kumar, S, and Walia, R.S.
Sr. No. Title Agency Duration of Years
1 Design and Development of low-cost micro electrochemical discharge machining (Micro-ECDM) for non-conductive materials. SERB, DST, Delhi File No. EMR/2016/005352 2017-20