Sandeep Salodkar

Sandeep Salodkar
Department Mechanical Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor (on lien)
Qualification Ph.D.
Research Interests CAD/CAM, Manufacturing
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Sr. No. Title
1 Experimental Investigation of Three-Roller Bending Operation for Multi-Pass Cylindrical Forming of Plates, Materials Today: Proceedings, 18, 2779-2786. Authors: Prafull S Thakare, Sandip M Salodkar, CC Handa
2 Development of mathematical model for top roller displacement of three-roller bending machine using dimensional analysis, Proceedings of International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation, Author: Prafull S Thakare, Sandip M Salodkar, CC Handa
3 Braking System Approaching towards the Betterment and It’s Consequences, International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub Authors: Ajeet B Bhane, Sandeep M Salodkar, Hardik B Ramani
4 Optimization of Thermal Performance of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger using Mechanical Turbulators." (2017). Authors: Cheema, Jashanjot Singh, Sandeep Salodkar, Gurjeet Singh, and S. K. Soni.
Sr. No. Society Duration
1 Institution of Engineers Associate Member
2 ISTE Lifetime
Sr. No. Recent Books
1 Automobile Engineering
2 Research on industrial Automation
3 Literature on welding process
4 Modern Manufacturing
5 Industrial Engineering