Jyoti Kedia

Jyoti Kedia
Department Electronics and Communication Engineering
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification PhD
Research Interests Photonic Integrated Circuit design, VLSI Design, IoT, Embedded Systems
Email jyotikedia@pec.edu.in ( Official )
jyotikedia@gmail.com ( Personal )
Phone Number 0172-2753761 ( Office )

Sr. No. Title
1 Anurag Sharma, Jyoti Kedia, Neena Gupta,,Multispectral transmission through Phoxonic crystal slot-waveguide at midwave infrared frequencies, Opt. Eng. 62(4), 047101 (2023), doi: 10.1117/1.OE.62.4.047101.
2 Anurag Sharma, Jyoti Kedia, Neena Gupta, 2022, March. Design of a SiGe Waveguide Photodetector with PxC Cavity for Broadband MWIR Sensing. In 2022 Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics (WRAP) (pp. 1-2). IEEE.
3 Anurag Sharma, Jyoti Kedia, Neena Gupta, "Emerging nanostructured infrared absorbers enabling cost-effective image sensing: a review," Opt. Eng. 60(9), 090901 (2021), doi: 10.1117/1.OE.60.9.090901.
4 Kedia, Jyoti, and Neena Gupta. "Numerical simulation of low loss silicon photonic wire waveguide with multiple cladding layers." Optical and Quantum Electronics 49.5 (2017): 185.
5 Kedia, Jyoti, Anurag Sharma, and Neena Gupta. "Low-power optical network-on-chip using low-loss multilayer silicon wire waveguide." Journal of Optics 48.4 (2019): 557-566.
Sr. No. Society Duration
1 IEEE Photonics 2 Years