Anti-Ragging Committee

Name of the Committee Member Association Mobile Number e-mail address
Prof. Baldev Setia Head of Institute 01722753051
Dr. Balwinder Singh Chairman 9815295005
Prof. D R Prajapati Faculty Member 9876166331
Dr. C.S, Jawalkar Faculty Member 9417495715
Dr. Rahul O Vaishya Faculty Member 9317566859
Prof. Mohit Kumar Faculty Member 8699361668
Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Faculty Member 8968354516
Ms. Chandermukhi Mann Civil Police Administration 9779580940
Ms. Nannu Joginder Singh Local Media 9340931944
Dr.D R Prajapati Member 9876166331
Prof. Arun K. Singh Member 9417429699
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Member 8968354516
Prof. Padmavati Member 9417689170
Prof. Prem Lata Member 9878893033
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Member 9466326131
Prof.Sumati Mahajan Member 9814539136
Dr.T.K.Jindal Member 9417133408
Dr.Shakti Kumar Arora Member 9815097698
Dr.Sarita Singla Member 9815623395
Prof. Sarabjeet Singh Member 9888785760
Prof.Arshdeep Singh Member 8557042368
Dr.Shailendra Singh Member 9023080209
Dr.Trilok Chand Member 9569809731
Prof.Sudesh Rani Member 9876860085
Prof.Shalom Akhai Member 9876644499
Dr.Ravi Kant Member 8755360148
Dr.Gaurav Singla Member 9814583893
Dr.Rahul Omprakash Vaishya Member 9317566859
Dr.Chander Shakher Jawalkar Member 9417495715
Prof.Nagendra Sah Member 9872560513
Prof. Jasbir Kaur Member 9876232454
Dr. Sukhwinder Singh MEmber 9876694949
Mr. Baljit Singh Member 1722753912
Sh. Anil Kumar Member 1722753912
Ms. Amita Chawla Member 1722753912
Prof. Rajesh Kumar Member 9781734524
Prof. Tushar Siag Member 1722573912
Dr. Suman Kant Member 1722573912
Prof. Raminder Kaur Member 9876252416
Mr. Aditya Nagrath (Sankalp) NGO's 9781993516
Mr. Rajinder Sharma Parent 9463915693
Mr. Dimple Gulati Parent 9815049095
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Chectu Parent 9417801818
Mr. Rakesh Semwal Parent 9501487777
Mr. Satish Parent 8872434050
Mr. Shivam Kansal Junior & Senior Students 7837010005
Ms. Ritika Sharma Junior & Senior Students 9464121095
Mr. Piyush Gulati Junior & Senior Students 9878036666
Mr. Rasik Singla Junior & Senior Students 8146437890
Mr. Yash Jindal Junior & Senior Students 9784191751
Ms. Navya Aggarwal Junior & Senior Students 8847390611
Mr. Vivek Sood Non-Teaching Staff 9855409614
Mr. Tejinder Non-Teaching Staff 9855487926


It shall be the duty of the anti-ragging committee to ensure compliance with the provision of UGC regulations as well as the provision of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging, and also to monitor and oversee the performance of the anti-ragging squad in prevention of ragging in the institution.