Aerodynamics Lab

The major experimental facility includes:

Low Speed Subsonic Wind Tunnel

It is a subsonic wind tunnel with maximum velocity of upto 60 m/sec in the rectangular test section of size 0.6m x 0.9m. It is used for measurement of pressure distribution over airfoils, determination of boundary layer over flat plate, flow visualization over delta wing model etc.


Velocity Range upto 60 m/s
Test Section 0.6m x 0.9m x 2m (HxWxL)
Max. Reynolds number ~4x106 (with tunnel width as characteristic Length)
Turbulence intensity <1%
Instruments CTA Hot Wire Anemometer System with different probes and dedicated data acquisition and processing system, 32 channel Pressure transducers system with Data Acquisition and Processing unit, U-tube manometer, Multi-tube manometer, Load Cells
Software Labview, Streamware


wind-tunnel     wind-tunnel

Smoke Tunnel

A dedicated smokel tunnel facility is available which is used for smoke flow visualization over airfoils, cylinders and other body shapes.


Low speed Blow Type Wind Tunnel

A blower type wind tunnel is available which allows testing of aircraft components in open test-section thereby providing flexibility in size of the model being tested.

Supersonic Open-jet Wind Tunnel

An intermittent blow-down type open-jet wind tunnel is available which enables experiments in the area of compressible aerodynamics. The tunnel is well equipped with instruments like pressure transducers, Data acquisition & processing system, Schlieren System to acquire and analyze the data.


Tunnel Type Blow-down type intermittent
Suitable Velocity Range 100m/s and more with upto 2.5 Mach number
Run time ~45 s at 2.5 M
Storage tank specifications 15000 m3 at 10 bar
Test section 4 cm x 4 cm square test section
Instruments Data Acquisition and Processing unit, Pressure transducer, Schlieren System
Software Labview, MatLab, Octave


open-jet-wind-tunnel1    open-jet-wind-tunnel

Reddy-Shock Tube

Hand driven Reddy shock-tube allows flow with velocity upto Mach 10. The experimental setup allows to study aerodynamic characteristics of different bodies at Hypersonic mach numbers. The impact of temperature variation on shock speed can also be studied in this setup.

Reddy-Shock Tube