Theme Coordination Project under Cluster Proposal under the Cyber Security (CS) Research of Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS), DST, GOI, New Delhi

PI Details Co-PI Details
Dr. Divya Bansal Dr. Manvjeet Kaur
Funding Agency Project Cost
Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi

Rs. 73.48 Lacs

Amount Received till date (in Rs.) Grant Rs. 6,08,700.00 (Non – Recurring)

1st Grant Rs. 22,50,000.00 - Recurring
2nd Grant Rs. 16,82,427.00 - Recurring

Start Date Completion Date Status
2019-07-15 2023-09-30 Ongoing

The technical summary outlines the budget and project plan for Theme coordination project proposals with a combined budget of approximately 9.725 crores. PEC, Chandigarh will be responsible for developing and maintaining a web-based tracking system for project progress and combining reports and indicators. To facilitate this, the budget includes funding for research staff who will develop the database, and secure web applications for tracking progress.

A travel budget of is allocated for cluster heads, project engineers, and DST representatives to travel to project sites and for necessary meetings. Additionally, equipment expenses at PEC, Chandigarh include a dedicated server and two desktops for running the website and web applications.

The budget also accommodates yearly review workshops and an ICPS Security conference which includes transportation, accommodation, meals, and inviting industry and academic experts to give keynote talks. A panel of experts is also brought in to evaluate the progress of the Theme coordination project proposals projects

Manpower Sanctioned/Hired Manpower Trained

Others (Nos) : Project Assistant = 01 ,
                           Post Doctoral Researcher = 02

Equipment Sanctioned/Procured

Output/Outcome of the Project
Output/Outcome of the project
  1. Tracking progress of the 18 projects by interacting with project personnel, and through the website created for this purpose.
  2. Develop and organize the web applications and database to facilitate the progress tracking
  3. Organize the yearly review workshop around October every year.