Memristor- FPGA hybrid hardware system for brain inspired analog Computing

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Dr. Arun Kumar Singh

Designation: Professor
Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering
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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Designation: Professor

Department: Physics Department

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Dr. Gaurav Mani Khanal

Designation: Assistant Professor

Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Chips to Startup (C2S), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, New Delhi.

Rs. 81.63 Lakhs

Amount Received till date (in Rs.) Rs. 14.26 Lakhs

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2023-05-22 Ongoing

For development and implementation of analog computing system, recently, Brain inspired computing, also known as nueromorphic computing has received much attention as it exhibits many features needed for design and development of energy efficient, fast and, highly parallel analog computing system. However, like all other new and emerging technologies, neuromorphic computing is also facing difficulties and challenges in terms of hardware design and implementation [3]-[4]. Hence, in this project we are focusing to generate indigenous tools which can be further used to solve the challenges in brain inspired electronics system design.

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