Research Groups as per recent interests of Faculty



The main activity of the research group is in the area of supersonic aerodynamics. An open-jet supersonic wind tunnel facility is being established as in-house project entitled “Installation of open-jet supersonic wind-tunnel with Data Acquisition System”.


Nano Structures of Functional Materials

The main activity of the research group is the synthesis and characterization of the nanostructures of functional materials by different techniques. Recently nanostructures such as nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanowires and nanorods, of functional materials have received considerable attention from the academia and the industry due to their distinctive physical properties and potential applications in nanoscale piezoelectric transducers and actuators, ultrasonic devices, and high-density nonvolatile memory devices.


Micro Financing

The main activity of the research group is to analysis the impact of Microfinance on Woman Empowerment. is the process of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action and control work in an autonomous way. It includes both controls over resources (Physical, Human, Intellectual and Financial) and over ideology (Belief, values and attitudes). It can be viewed as a means of creating a social environment in which one can take decisions and make choice either individually or collectively for social transformation.


Traffic and Transport Planning

The main activity of the group is to contribute in study for intersection improvement, study for possible implementation of BRT system, feasibility study for evolving needed traffic regulations and study for Parking solutions in selected areas.


Photonic Systems and Network Design

The main activity of the group is to facilitate research and development in the area of photonics to form design, simulation and demonstration of new technologies for further broadband photonic communication systems and compare upgrade strategies. It will be used to design optical transmission systems, evaluate impact of real world equipment and new component ideas on system design. This multi-user shared research facility may be extended for consultancy and Industrial research.



Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field, based on classical mechanical and electrical engineering as well as automation science and technology and computer science. Mechatronics expands into core competency areas of followings such as: automation, robotics, mechatronics design, programmable logic controllers, electro-pneumatics, vision systems, computer numerical control, and computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing, sensors, virtual reality, computer programming, microcontroller and control engineering.The main activities of the group is to focus on integral system development with technical components connected via an intelligent control system.


Micro & Advanced Manufacturing Processes

The main activity of the group is to focus on the on the development of new tool and work materials along with the optimization of the various advanced machining processes. Over last few years, fundamental research on non-conventional machining has been conducted at various research centers. Despite the progress in theoretical understanding and modeling development, there has been less work accomplished in experimental studies and model validation. In fact, very little experimental data exists in the literature on the parametric study and performance analysis and optimization of the processes.