Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

Formed in 2006, The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), PEC University of Technology is a selffinancing,not – for – profit organization. It is an initiative that aims at fostering the spirit ofentrepreneurship in the college. The aim of the organization is to help the youth break free from theshackles of mediocrity, move out of the acres of job security and step out of line and away from whathas today became a rat – race. We tend to awaken the youth towards considering entrepreneurship as aserious career option.

The cell also tries to help the existing start-ups in the college to scale up. It has also partnered withorganizations such as ISEED and ICICI Bank to organize events such as ICICI Trinity in the college that tryto encourage students to create their own ventures by providing them mentorship facilities.Competitions such as 'THE APPRENTICE’, which focus on the entrepreneurial attributes of a person, havealso been organized by EDC. The members of the cell are encouraged to start up their own ventures andare provided support for the same. EDC also organizes its own B-plan competition- the Inception with acash prize of Rs. 35000. EDC also organizes the B-quiz competition and the IPL Auction at PECFest.Innovation is one of the key faculties that EDC hopes to develop in the students alongside managementand leadership so that they can one day become capable enough to start their own ventures.

EDC is also home to many student startups like Zyntern.com, PRECIAUS, Cup-it-up and EFfingo and hasconducted various workshops for facilitating many other start-ups in the college.Aanshik Gupta, SecretaryMohak Goyal, Joint Secretary