Consultancy & Testing Projects

Guidelines To Undertake Consultancy/Testing Project

  • All the requests for Consultancy/Testing may be addressed to the Director PEC Chandigarh and the same invariably be entered in diary of the Institute.
  • The consultancy/ Testing project received in the department in the name of a particular faculty member as Principal Investigator (PI) will normally stand allotted to him unless he is debarred from taking up such project by an executive order. In all other cases the HOD concerned will circulate the letter amongst faculty members of relevant specialization and choose/nominate PI of the project by rotation amongst the faculty members who show interest. The faculty should be encouraged to form cohesive groups of specialization in the department.
  • The PI will decide his team including those projects which require faculty from more than one specialization.
  • The PI may form interdisciplinary teams as determined by the nature of a project under intimation to the concerned HOD of the department.
  • The consent of all faculty members of the investigating team will be taken in writing a by the PI for his record for each project allotted to him.
  • All the departments must maintain a Consultancy/Testing project file or register in the following format in which all the projects marked to the departments should be entered for record. This will also facilitate monitoring of various projects in the department regarding their timely completion and equal distribution.
  • The PI will be fully responsible for the satisfactory completion of the project allotted to him. He is expected to keep complete record of all the documents related to the project undertaken by him for various purposes.
  • The PI will ensure that only faculty members and departmental staff are listed in the investigating team share.
  • Storekeeper of the concerned department shall maintain a separate register of consumables and non-consumables related to the consultancy.
  • For getting the advance for expenditure, PI will make a request in the Performa available along with photocopy of the Job No form & the receipt of amount deposited from college cashier.
  • In all the purchases, purchase rules of the institute have to be adhered to by the Principal Investigator.
  •  PI is supposed to send the request for Job No on the prescribed Performa in triplicate along with photocopy of the request letter from client.
  • PI will indicate the nature of the given project as consultancy Project or a Testing Project based on the requirements of the client agency.
  • For the purpose of the distribution of remuneration of consultancy or testing the faculty/C&D Staff on contract basis of more than six months duration will be treated at par with the regular faculty/C&D Staff.
  • After the completion of the Project, the PI shall claim the remuneration on the prescribed Performa for distribution along with photocopy of the Job No form & the receipt of amount deposited from college cashier.
  • Institute Fund Share shall be distributed by 30th September and 31st March every year.