Capstone Projects (Batch 2011-15)








Android based wireless notice board

Dr. Neena Gupta

The broad functionalities of this app are:

-The students can have easy access to dept notices.
-The students can give feedback to HOD
-The HOD has access to read the feedback.
-The students have easy access to time table and curriculum.
-The dept can send push notifications to convey useful information.
-The teachers can upload assignment


GSM based wireless control of applied science

                       Dr. Deepak Bagai                      

One of these techniques is orientation and mobility specialist who helps the visually impaired and blind people and trains them to move on their own independently and safely depending on their other remaining senses. Another method is the guide dogs which are trained specially to help the blind people on their movement by navigating around the obstacles to alert the person to change his/her way.


Sun tracking solar panel

Dr. Neelu Jain

The broad functionalities of this app are:

-The students can have easy access to dept notices.

-.The students can give feedback to HOD
-The HOD has access to read the feedback.
-The students have easy access to time table.


RFID & GSM based intelligent post box system

Mr. Nagendera Shah

The project consisted of an intelligent letter (small sized parcels) in which an order is placed with a phone call to the company. Then when the order is supplied to the customer, the delivery man has an RFID tag which will contain the ID of the P.O Box number of the customer. This ID when scanned by the RFID circuit would allow authorized entry for the parcel to be delivered.



Ms. Jasbir Kaur

Typical usage is for military purposes- for surveillance, for reaching tough surfaces for combat etc.

It can also be used in flood rescue operations and other emergency services.



Gesture Based Fighting Robot

Prof Divya Dhawan

It is an automated system which will help fire- fighters save several lives without jeopardizing themselves.


Automatic car parking with slot number display

Mr. Bipin Kaushal

The Automatic Parking System aims at providing smart parking system to the visitors or staff members at any shopping complex, hospital etc.


Feed back Form OMR Sheet (Mat Lab)

Mrs. Rita Mahajan

Project was omr feedback forms checker. Important points. It allows to check the feedback forms of college. No need of a dedicated omr machine College can save money it would have spent on outsourcing the work  Needs only scanned images of the forms and nothing else May be useful to most of our technical societies especially IEEE and iete.


Applications of visible light communications

Dr. Arun Kumar Singh

In the project Visible Light has been used as the communication medium to achieve wireless data transfer between 2 systems and wireless file printing.


Virtual presence cum surveillance ROBOT System

Dr. Sukhwinder Singh

The project is a virtual presence and surveillance system which consists of two parts – A robot at a remote location and a PC or an android phone at the user side.

 The robot system is connected to the internet via a wifi network. The movement of the robot can be controlled from an android application on the user’s phone or from user’s PC.


Android ECE Department application

Mrs. Jyoti  Kedia

An android app was developed for department so that students can read any type of notice, subject assignments online Also facility of feedback to HOD was developed


GSM Based real time vehicle tracking system (GPS)

Mrs. Neha Bhullar

A vehicle tracking system consists of an electronic device installed on a vehicle so that it could be tracked by its owner or a third-party for its position.Vehicle tracking system uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to get an accurate reading of the vehicle position. Communication components such as cellular (GSM) and satellite transmitter are combined to transmit the vehicle’s position to remote user.


Home automation using android application

Ms. Swati Sharma

To implement a home automation system that will change speed of fan & intensity of bulb’s light, to design a smart home system that will act as a user friendly interface, to use the android application as a source to control some appliances.