Engagement of Classes and Attendance

For maintaining the highest academic standards at PEC, the following should be adhered to by all concerned involved in engaging classes and recording the attendance:
A. Engagement of Classes:

All classes are to be held as per announced time-table.
The time table of an individual faculty member must be displayed outside his/her room and also on the website (standard format available with Webmaster for uploading).
No scheduled class should be left unengaged.
If a class has to be rescheduled due to certain reasons, it must be done with prior intimation to the HOD and the students, about the alternate class.
Even in emergencies (medical or otherwise), it is the responsibility of a faculty member to inform the HOD or his office by telephone/messenger of the re-scheduling of a class. This information must also reach the students.
Normally a class should commence within 5 minutes of the starting time and should finish not earlier than 5 minutes before end time.
Only in rare cases, say once or twice a semester, may a class be disengaged more than 5 minutes before the end-time.
Tutorials and practical classes must also be engaged as scheduled. The students must be kept busy during the entire scheduled duration of the class.
Classes are to be engaged for the entire semester. There is no provision for completing a course in lesser number of classes than those scheduled as per academic calendar.

B. Attendance:

The Attendance Register must be maintained properly.
The attendance should be recorded in terms of progressive number of classes attended, by a student. Absence in a particular class should be marked as ‘X’ (see the instructions printed in the register in this regard; other instructions given in the register may be treated as amended according to this document).
The attendance status of all students must be announced and displayed outside the office of the course instructor at least thrice every semester – before first mid-term exam, before 2nd mid term exam and before the end-term exam.
The Attendance Register must be put up to the HOD of the instructor’s department on the first day of every mid-term examination as well as end-term examination for checking/ certification. Thereafter the register is to be kept in safe custody by the Course Instructor.

C. Monitoring:

1. The HODs are to undertake regular monitoring of engagement of classes, taking the help of faculty, if required.
2. In case a class is found unengaged without intimation with regards to its rescheduling,
(i) it must be taken on record, without exception, by the HOD

(ii) the concerned course-instructor must be asked to explain the reasons in writing;

(iii) HODs are to issue suitable response/advice/admonition etc. as deemed appropriate, in all cases in writing, and report the same to the Director, within a week.

3. The Attendance Registers of all the faculty members of the Department must be checked at least twice during every semester – during the days of 1st mid-term & 2nd mid-term exams and once at the end of the semester. The Register is to be returned to the Course Instructor for safe custody.

4. An Institute-level mechanism of monitoring, coordinated by a Committee headed by a nominee of the Director, will supplement the Departmental process.

Heads of the Departments should bring this to the notice of all concerned in their Departments (by circulation).