In-house Projects


A. Objective
The objective of the in-house research proposals for internal funding is for creation/enhancement of facility, which is useful to research students (M. Tech & PhD) as well as to the needs of the industry.
B. Merits of the Project Proposal
The project proposals should have the following merits:
1. Involvement of significant number of M.Tech/PhD students/Industry.
2. Greater applicability to industry/ field problems.
3. Involvement of more number of faculty members.
4. Small projects to be undertaken in collaboration with industry/institute/
research organization may be provided seed money.
C. Evaluation of the Project Proposal
The following procedure will be followed for evaluation of projects:

  1. Each project proposal is to be submitted as per stipulated procedure.
  2. Every project investigator (PI)/Co-project investigator (Co-PI) has to give presentation before the evaluation committee.

3. Evaluation Committee for recommendations of the project proposal will be the
(a) Director PEC
(b) External Experts from Institute/Industry/ Research Organization (Tricity )
(c) Internal Experts from PEC.
4. The evaluation committee will approve the amount and period of the project.D. Format of Proposal for In-house FundingThe proposal for internal funding must be submitted in the following format:
1. Department(s)
2. Research team leader (PI) and members
3. Title of the Proposal
4. Background and justification
5. Technical impact envisaged on R&D activities in the research area and or the industry.
6. Budget Estimate including complete specifications of equipment and software to be procured. Year-wise break-up of funds should be indicated. (Limited to Rs 10 lacs/year and maximum of a total of Rs 20 lacs for the project spanning over 2 to 3 years or more)
7. Deliverables
8. Industrial linkage pertaining to this project (desirable)
9. Profile of research and industry related activities of the team members during the last 3 years (limited to 2 pages per team member)
10. List of at least two external experts along with complete address, telephone number and email ID from Tricity and two internal experts from PEC should also be indicated.
(a). The project proposals (three copies) should be signed by all the members of the team submitted to the Dean RP&D daily and countersigned by the HOD. However the advance copy may also be sent directly to the Dean RP&D Office

(b). No request for allotment of extra space for accommodating the equipment related to the project proposed will be considered

(c). No request for allocating any additional manpower will be entertained.

(d). For all in-house projects, the PI must submit the annual progress report of the project in the prescribed format before the funds are released for the 2nd year of the given project.
(e). A proposal from a PI (In-house research project) for the allotment of a
new project will be considered only if a satisfactory completion report of
an earlier project already allotted to the PI has been received by the office of the Dean RP&D duly approved by the evaluation committee appointed for the purpose of the in-house project already allotted to the PI. The format of the completion report should include the deliverable envisaged in the project proposal sanctioned to the PI.

(f).In case a PI is not able to spend the money as per the schedule envisaged in the project at the time of the sanction, the necessary approval may be obtained for carrying forward the funds to the next financial year. In this regard, the interim report maybe submitted in the same format as given in the project proposal in the first instance.
(g). It is for the information of all concerned that the purchase procedure is already available on the institute website. All the PIs are requested to follow the same before the purchase cases are sent to this office of Dean RP&D for approval/ sanction. A copy of the purchase procedure as above is also attached herewith for ready reference.