Refurbishing of Hostels/Common Facilities

Is your hostel in the lead? Or is it lagging behind? 

Donation can be targeted towards the  development and upkeep of a hostel or a similar facility. A hostel corridor or common facilities used by students can be adopted by a group/batch of alums and alums, as donors can ensure maintenance and upkeep of that room by contributing a decent amount. 

This may include Tile works and general upkeep such as Painting of rooms, repair and refurbishment of cupboards, tables, bed. Replacement of faulty electrical switches, lights, fans. The corridor or rooms can have naming rights of alums for a period/duration of contribution. Along with that, you may also sponsor other amenities in our hostels like Room Renovation, Furnishing of washrooms, Common Room Furnishing, Flood Lights, Landscaping and many more. An estimates cost for hostel rooms is about 3Lakhs for 8 rooms & 5 Lakhs for 12 rooms.

We would like you to submit a proposal (without any structural changes) which will be internally discussed in the institute. Once the proposal is approved, the donor will get an official notification and refurbishment work can be directly undertaken by the donor. So take a moment to contribute by making a real visible impact. During summers/winter breaks, reunions can be organised and batchmates can stay together in hostel rooms and we look forward to your visits!

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