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  • Covid Emergency Funds

    The major concern is that when the institute opens for the next semester, several of PEC students would face economic hardships. Due to lockdown and consequent economic slowdown, we suspect that parents of many students would lose their jobs or have substantially reduced earnings. A couple of students have already approached us in this regard. We seek your contributions so that we can help such students. We encourage and gladly accept all gifts, no amount is too small.

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  • Establishing Named Scholarships for Financially Underprivileged Students

    Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh is looking to establish several scholarships for its students through philanthropic contributions. Currently, an undergraduate student spends roughly Rs. 2.5 lakhs a year on tuition, lodging and boarding. It is desirable that a scholarship provides some reasonable financial support compared to the total expenditure of the student. Hence, it has been decided that the minimum amount of scholarship that can be established at PEC will be Rs. 50,000 per annum. Donors may wish to establish scholarships with larger amounts.

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  • Alumni Endowments: Refurbishing of Hostels/Common Facilities

    Donation can be targeted towards the development and upkeep of a hostel or a similar facility. A hostel corridor or common facilities used by students can be adopted by a group/batch of alums and alums, as donors can ensure maintenance and upkeep of that room by contributing a decent amount.

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