Distinguished Alumnus Award

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Distinguished Alumnus Award and Young Alumnus Award 2020

The true measure of a contribution of an institution to the society and nation is the achievements of its alumni. PEC is globally known to develop leaders in Technology, Entrepreneurial endeavour and for the service to the society. A large number of alumni have gained unique distinction through success in their professions, contribution to their communities and their services to the globe. The University has instituted Distinguished Alumnus Award and Young Alumnus Award to recognize and honour outstanding alumnus/alumna.


Nominees must have graduated from PEC. A graduate (alumnus) of PEC is defined as an individual who has completed and been awarded one or more degrees from the Institute.

Nominations for consideration of ‘Distinguished Alumni Awards’ and ‘Young Alumnus Award’ may be invited from all over the world and any PEC alumnus can make nomination for consideration. Self nominations are discouraged.

Young Alumnus Award will be for alumnus under the age of 40 (as on 30th September 2020) for achieving excellence in early stages of their career.


The awards can be applied in any of the below mentioned categories:

  1. Academics/ Research Excellence
  2. Leadership/Management in Industry, Entrepreneurship
  3. Excellence in Government Services, Public Administration.
  4. Service to Society, NGO
  5. Excellence in any other sphere not covered by above, including sports, culture, arts etc.

Nominations for the awards shall be invited from anybody including students, alumni, faculty, and staff of the institute. Nomination is a simple online process and is expected to take only a few minutes of time by clicking on the link below. It involves providing some basic information and uploading a CV of the nominee that highlights all her/his achievements that may make her/him a deserving recipient of the award.

The person nominating must, therefore, first prepare this document for uploading that amply showcases the achievements of the alumnus with relevant detail before starting the nomination process by clicking on the link.

The process of inviting nominations of ‘Distinguished Alumnus Award and Young Alumnus Award’ for the year 2020 is now open.

If you have any queries, please contact the Dean Alumni, Corporate and International Relations at 0172-2753244 or email to deanalumni@pec.edu.in

The nomination process closes on 7th October, 2020.


The nominations received will be processed by the Dean’s Alumni office and then an empowered committee comprising eminent representatives from the stake holders of the institute would prepare the final list of awardees.


The award includes a citation, a Medal and a Certificate. The award will be announced on the Annual Foundation Day celebration of the Institute and the award ceremony will be held whenever the Covid situation would allow us.


We do understand the time constraints you work under. Keeping this in mind we have kept the nomination form as simple as possible to enable you to fill and “Submit” it in a single sitting. This should not take more than 15 minutes of your time. Kindly ensure that you enter your current email address correctly.

Click Here for Nomination Form