Advance Manufacturing Lab

Objectives: Currently micro manufacturing is emerged as an important technology in the areas where miniaturization yields economic and technical benefits in biomedical, automotive, aerospace, space mission, optical, and similar industries. These industries demand parts with dimensions in the range of micrometers leading to the miniaturization of the machines and devices.

Job Work: The department invites the nearby industries and institution to make the use of the exceptional facility that has been created in the Adv. Manufacturing Tech. lab at PEC University of Technology Chandigarh. The Industries can get work done on their dies/moulds/products for producing microholes/micro features using any of the mentioned machining capabilities on the payment basis. Details in this regard can be discussed mutually.

Training Programmes: Further the nearby institutes can also be offered short term training programs to their Technical staff on the machine for their skill development and exposure to advanced machining technologies .Small batch of 10-15 trainees shall be run for imparting such training programs. The charges for training program shall be Rs.5000 for three days training program. Another objective of the course is to acquaint the participants, concerned with teaching, research, and industrial applications of micromachining, micro to nanofinishing, micro-fabrication with the principles, basic machine tools, developments, and research trends in the area of micro manufacturing processes. Arrangements will also be made for the hands-on experience of different software and Laboratory visit to demonstrate the state-of-the-art techniques, equipments and assisting tools commonly involved with modern day micro manufacturing practices.