Pulse Detonation
Pulse Detonation
  • Coordinator: Prof. T.K Jindal
  • Member: Prof. Y. S. Chauhan

Pulse detonation engine is a new propulsion system on which the research all over the world is going on. Very few people in India are working on the development of the Pulse detonation engine to enhance the flight performance of the aircrafts. The research group in Aerospace Engineering department is also working for the same cause. One of the CARS project funded by TBRL Chandigarh is already in progress and has very successfully conducted the tests. The test facility has been created in the department. A pulse tube of varying length has been developed and data acquisition system installed which measures pressure profile and thrust developed by the engine. Initially single cycle detonation is being performed. The facility will be enhanced in the coming years. It will give a platform for the researchers to work in this key research area. On the development of a good test facility, a major boost will be given to the research in the field of Pulse detonation, and will be a step towards the development of Pulse detonation systems.

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