Microcontroller based System
Microcontroller based System
  • Coordinator: Prof. Neelu Jain
  • Member: Prof. Balwinder Singh

The Research Group is involved in research related to Microprocessor & Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems.The departements has facilities /equipments for conducting research based on 8051 microcontrtoller & PIC Microcontrollers and is also acquiring AVR & ARM processor based kits. The students of ME (Electronics) shall be working for the thesis work, using the facilities available in the lab, which is established out of the funds provided. The ‘possibility of using the facilities by PhD students shall also be identified. In addition, it is proposed to submit a proposal to various agencies for funding the research activities pertaining to microcontroller applications.

Journals /Publications
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  • Face Recognition: A Comparative Analysis, Proceedings of CHASCON-2011 Section: Engineering Sciences, Punjab University, Chandigarh India, Feb 26-28, 2011, 145-149
  • Analysis of different Databases Using Improved PCA Face Recognition Approach , International Journal of Communication Engineering Applications-IJCEA ,Vol. 02, July 2011, 125-130