Green Chemistry and Catalysis
Green Chemistry and Catalysis
  • Coordinator: Prof. Vasundhara Singh
  • Members: Prof. Satyendra Singh, Prof. L.N Sharma

The main activity of the group is to undertake the synthesis, characterization and study of catalytic activity of catalysts based on ionic liquids and use of inorganic supports like clays and silica. The subject of green chemistry or green chemical processes is known to provide front end solution to eliminate use and generation of hazardous substances. Catalysis is one of the fundamental pillars of chemical Industry and development of efficient recyclable and recoverable catalysts for important chemical processes is one of the important guiding principles of green chemistry. The catalysts are metal based besides acidic and basic catalysts. Metal as nanoparticles or as nanocomposites for important chemical processes will be incorporated in development of new technologies. Some of the catalysts developed will be used as catalysts for the solar detoxification/degradation of organic pollutants discharged from textile and pharmaceutical Industry.

Journals /Publications
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