Digital Design (VLSI)
Digital Design (VLSI)
  • Coordinator: Prof. Neelam Rup Prakash
  • Co Coordinator: Prof. Nagendra Sah
  • Co Coordinator: Mrs. Jasbir Kaur

The research group is setting up a Digital Design Laboratory which will help in making important contributions to the field of Digital Design. Further the development of application prototypes will help in attracting both projects and financial support from the semiconductor industry. As a part of ongoing efforts, a M.E. program on VLSI Design is being introduced from 2012-13 session.

Journals /Publications
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  • N. Rayavarapu and N. Rup Prakash, “An Efficient IFIR Filter Based Prototype Filter Design for Cosine Modulated Transmultiplexers” 2010
  • N. Rayavarapu and, “A Multistage Approach to the Design of Prototype Filters for Modulated Filter Banks” 2010
  • N. Rup Prakash and N. Sah ‘Performance Evaluation of Hand-Off Scheme with Cell Breathing Concept in WCDMA’2009
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