Ground Water Pollution due to polluted drains
Ground Water Pollution due to polluted drains
  • Coordinator: Prof. S.K Sharma
  • Co Coordinator: Prof. Shakti Kumar
  • Members: Prof. Mohd. Afaq Alam, Prof. Kamal Kumar

The ground water sources are getting polluted due to percolating city waste waters, industrial effluents and other waste waters such as agricultural runoff meeting the polluted water drains. Though some times the percolating rainwater may also carry minerals of earth crust soils to the ground water and pollute it. For examples, Arsenic pollution in West Bengal and fluoride pollution of ground water in states like Haryana, M.P., Rajastahan and Andhra Pradesh. However, as polluted surface waters have larger impact on ground water in their surrounding region, they are major source of ground water pollution. Such polluted ground water has affected human health in many parts of the country. The impact of such polluted water on ground water therefore needs to be studied, analyzed and monitored so as to ensure potability and suitability of such ground water.

The main activity of the group is to take up the extensive research project is formulated in which the extent of existing ground water contamination, its suitability for various uses and the impact of polluted percolating waste water on it shall be studied. Further, the contribution of harmful minerals of soil strata to ground water pollution due to leaching of these minerals with percolating rain water shall also be studied.