Geological Remote Sensing
Green Chemistry and Catalysis
  • Coordinator: Prof. L.N Sharma
  • Members: Prof. Vasundhara Singh, Prof. S.K Singh

The research group aims at working on problems relating to application of remote sensing to geological processes. Topics will be floated to carry out research by selecting problems in the close vicinity of Chandigarh. Remote sensing applications involving interpretation of both visual and digital processing on satellite data will form the main basis for such studies. Attempt will be made to submit project in the field of geological remote sensing.

Journals /Publications
  • “Studies on spatio-temporal monitoring of glaciers using IRS 1C and 1D data –A case study from Hamtah Glacier, Lahul Spiti, H.P, India”, International Symposium on Snow and Avalanches,Manali, 6-10 April 2009, 86-87
  • L. N. Sharma, Bishal A & Siby John Geospatial Technologies for Disaster Management- A case Study, Applied Disaster Research – Disaster, Risk and Vulnerability, Vol 1, 2011, 192- 195.
  • Integrated Approach To Map Land use & Land cover Changes In An Urban (Green) City In North India- A Case Study Of Chandigarh, Asian Conference of Remote Sensing, Taipei, Taiwan, 3-7 October, 2011