Ranvir Singh Panwar

Dr. Ranvir Singh Panwar
Department Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Designation Assistant Professor (on contract)
Qualification M.Tech. (Materials Science & Engg.), Ph.D
Research Interests Composite Materials, Tribological Behavior of Materials, Metal Foam Development, Nano Materials
Email ranvirsinghpanwar@pec.edu.in ( Official )
ranvirccs@gmail.com ( Personal )
Phone Number

Sr. No. Title
1 Suresh Kumar, Ranvir Singh Panwar, and O. P. Pandey; Tribological properties of Zircon sand and Zirfloor reinforced LM13 alloy matrix composite-A comparative study; AIP Conf. Proc. 1536, 1286 (2013)
2 Suresh Kumar, Vipin Sharma, Ranvir Singh Panwar, O. P. Pandey ; Wear Behavior of Dual Particle Size (DPS) Zircon Sand Reinforced Aluminum Alloy; Tribology Letters 47 (2012) 231- 251
3 Vipin Sharma, Suresh Kumar, Ranvir Singh Panwar, O. P. Pandey; Microstructural and wear behavior of dual reinforced particle (DRP) aluminum alloy composite; Journal of Material Science; 47(2012) 6633–6646
4 Suresh Kumar, Ranvir Singh Panwar, O. P. Pandey; Effect of particle size on wear of particulate reinforced aluminium alloy composites at elevated temperatures; Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance; 22(11) (2013) 3550-3560
5 Suresh Kumar, Ranvir Singh Panwar, O.P. Pandey; Tribological characteristics of Aluminium tri-reinforced particles (Al- TRP) composites developed by liquid metallurgy route; Advanced Materials Research, 585 (2012) 574-578
Sr. No. Title Agency Duration of Years
1 Development of a Light Weight Composite Sandwich Panel for Blast Mitigation DRDO (ARMREB)-India July -2017 to July-2020
Sr. No. Society Duration
1 Materials Research Society of India Life Member since 2009