Vearious Expert Lectures conducted by Department of Materials & Metallurgical Engineering during Industry-Academia Week

Day: 1

The Industry Academia Expert Lecture Week started with a huge success with an attendance of more than 100 students including faculty in the Department of Materials & Metallurgical Engineering.

The first lecture was given by Er. Vineet Tripathi, Tata Steels, Jamshedpur, on the topic, “Blast Furnace operations at Tata Steels – Trends & Technology”. He made the students aware of the Steel scenario in the country and world. He threw light on the Global Capacity utilization, strong growth opportunities in India, increase in demand in the near future and many such aspects related to steel. He advised the students interested in core Metallurgy to apply in Tata Steels for Jobs. He said that Safety Standards in Tata Steels have improved considerably over the years. He shared his experiences as UG student of PEC. The students also cleared btheir apprehensions and doubts related to career and job in the field of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. 

The second lecture was given by Mr. Raj Kumar Chopra, Production Manager, Aarti Steels, Ludhiana on the topic, “Trends in Alloy Steel Making”. He explained the concepts of Steel making from an industrial point of view. He spoke on topics like Scrap Selection, Melting, Types of Furnaces, lining of furnaces, Ladle Refining Furnace, Vacuum Degassing, Continuous Casting and others. The students learnt a lot from his informative lecture.


The lecture of the second day of the Industry Academia Expert Lecture was jointly organized by Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and was attended by more than 70 students.  

The lecture was given by Mr. Pankaj Puri, DGM SAIL, Bhilai on the topic, “Manufacturing and Processing for Rails”. He shared the knowledge that Bhilai Steel Plant produces high strength Rails, wide and heavy steel plates of different grades, merchant products, wire rods etc. He explained to the students the intricacies and details of the different steps involved in the manufacturing of Rails.

He involved the students in his talk and maintained a light note throughout his lecture. He said with pride that Bhilai produces Rails as per most stringent specifications with Hydrogen content less than 1.6 parts per million. He said that the Rails produced so far when joined end to end would encircle the globe 12 times and also reach Moon. His understanding of the working of ‘Rolling Mills’ was really appreciated by the Faculty and students.

Mr. Puri also shared the fact that Rails from Bhilai Steel Plant are being used for Bullet Trains in South Korea. He also threw light on the techniques for Online Top Flatness measurement, Straightness measurement online, Eddy current testing, Ultrasonic testing and others related to the Manufacturing of Rails in Bhilai Steel plant. The students took great interest and asked questions to clear their doubts. The lecture was very informative for the students.


The first lecture of the day of the Industry Academia Expert Lecture was jointly organized by Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and was attended by more than 60 students. It was given by Mr. R.K.Bagchi, Director, National Institute of Secondary Steel Technology, Mandi Gobindgarh He has expertise in Ferrous Metallurgy, Steelmaking, refractories, heat treatment and foundry. Mr. Bagchi spoke on the topic, “National Policy and Targets for Steel Production”. He spoke to the students about Steel making beginning right from the mines and ending in billets etc. He said that Steel is the backbone of any country. He shared the details of recycling scrap.

We were honoured to welcome two experts from Vedanta Group, Hindustan Zinc Limited, Udaipur, Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Head, Strategic HR Projects and Mr. Ashish, Core R & D Member. Mr. Sanjay Sharma spoke on the topic, “Opportunities, Trends & Avenues in Non-Ferrous Extractive Metallurgical Industries and Mr. Ashish explained the intricacies of the technical aspects of the extraction process. Both the speakers held immense pride in serving the HZL. Mr. Sharma spoke in detail about improvement in safety standards, Gender balancing in HZL, prospects of growth and challenges, advantages of going to the mines and work and other opportunities in HZL. He encouraged the students to ask questions freely and clear all their doubts regarding career and life in general. In his presentation he shared the job profile of Materials & Metallurgical Engineer in HZL.

The students also had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Harkesh, Sales & Marketing Engineer, North India, DUCOM Instruments, Bangalore. The topic covered by him was ‘Wear performance and their critical measurements”. He started his lecture with the basic concepts of wear, lubrication and moved on to describe the different types of wear testing done. The students learnt a lot from his lecture.

Day: 4

The lecture was attended by more than 40 students in the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.  It was given by Mr. Yogesh Arora, MD, FLIPKEYS India Ltd. The topic of his lecture was, “Challenges to new startups and Strategy to counter”. He shared the memories of the initial days of his Entrepreneurship.

According to him an Entrepreneur should have immense willpower, confidence, should be open minded and passionate. They should be willing to put in those extra hours to make the business succeed. Their mind should be constantly on their work, whether they are in or out of the workplace. Successful entrepreneurs do not believe that something cannot be done. He/she should be able to make connections between seemingly unrelated events or situations. Many companies are formed because an entrepreneur knows that they can do a job better than another. He advised the students to see every event and situation as an opportunity. The students freely interacted with him. He effortlessly conveyed his point and the students really enjoyed the session with Mr. Yogesh Arora.

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