Open House 2018

Open House: Day 1

The first day of the two-day annual Open House, organised by the Career Development and Guidance Centre, PEC witnessed an enthusiastic start today at Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. Open House serves as a platform for the college students to showcase their technical projects. Meanwhile, it also aims at offering the school students of the Tricity an exposure to the possible career paths and providing them with an overview of the college life.

Around 28 fascinating technical projects created by the final year enthusiastic students and 23 projects created by the students of various Technical Societies were displayed near the auditorium and in various departments.  Some of the projects included Driver Assisted Autonomous Vehicles, Thought Recognition using BCI, Bone Conduction Hearing System, Design and Fabrication of Low Speed Water Tunnel, Human Powered Nebulizer and Thin Film Coating for Absorbance beyond Visible Spectrum.

The evaluation panel consisted of Dr. Navneet Singh Aulakh, Senior Scientist CSIR-CSIO, Er. Inderdeep Aulakh, Faculty Member UIET, Er. Lalit Singla, Infosys constituting the Circuital Branch Evaluation Team while Er. Udey Kumar, CMD & Owner Essel Sanitary Fittings, Er. Vikas Singla, Entrepreneur and Er. Inderpal Sandhu constituted the Non-Circuital Branches Evaluation Team. The projects categorised under the Technical Societies were evaluated by a separate panel consisting of Mr. Lalit, Infosys and Er. Inderpal Sandhu.

After careful consideration by the panel of experts, the winners will be announced who would be honoured with cash prizes worth Rs 83,000 sponsored by Verka and PECOSA during the Prize Distribution Ceremony which is scheduled for tomorrow.

The second day of the Open House will begin early tomorrow. School students from various schools across the tricity would be visiting the campus to get a glimpse of the college life that lies ahead of them. Technical projects would be showcased and the students would be given a campus tour. A series of performances exhibiting the cultural side of the college has been lined up for the school students.

Day I ended on a successful note by stimulating the participants to continue to innovate resiliently and be the youth that represents our nation as a stronger intellectual forefront.

Open House: Day 2

The second day of the Open House 2018, an event dedicated to showcase the technical projects of the college students, carried forward Day-1’s enthusiasm at Punjab Engineering College. Open House serves as a platform for the college students to showcase their technical projects. Meanwhile, it also aims at offering the school students of the Tricity an exposure to the possible career paths and providing them with an overview of the college life. Around 300 students from 26 various schools across the Tricity visited the campus.

Post the registration process of students and an introduction about the Open House, the Lamp Lighting Ceremony was followed. The students were shown a video vis-à-vis Life of a Student at PEC. Dr. Divya Bansal, Head CDGC (Career Development and Guidance Centre), delivered the Welcome Address, which was succeeded by a talk on “PEC: An Insight” conveyed by Dr. Manoj K. Arora, Director PEC. He informed the students about the essential features of the college which comprise the Departments, Research Center, schemes such as Smart City, etc. He also spoke about focusing on the importance of Quality Engineers and motivated the students to opt for Engineering as a career path given its potential to bring a change in the world.  Thereafter, an address by Guest of Honour, Mr Pankaj Bansal, an Industry Expert from TCS, was given on “How to make wise career choices in Engineering?”. An MoU was signed between PEC and TCS in the presence of Mr. Rajit Sikka, Head University Relations North. To acquaint the school students with the Cultural side of the college, an enticing dance performance by the Dramatics Club followed.

The winners were announced and were honoured with cash prizes worth Rs 85,000 sponsored by Verka and PECOSA. The winners fell in three categories: Circuital Branches, Non-Circuital Branches and Technical Societies. Further prizes under  two special categories namely ‘Research with larger impact’ and ‘Most innovative idea’ were also presented to the deserving teams. Under Circuital Branches, ‘Braille Tablet’ made by Khuswant Rai, Esha Tandon, Simran Kaur and Garima Shukla secured the first position while ‘I-Vote’ and ‘Bone Conduction Hearing System’ secured second and third positions respectively. Under Non- Circuital Branches, ‘Design and Fabricatio of Low Speed Water Tunnel’ made by Ankush Kumar, Parth Sonara and  Charanjeet Kaur secured first position while ‘Thin Film Coating For absorbance beyond visible spectra’ and ‘Synthesis of piezoelectric Materials and its application in smart structures’ shared the second position and ‘Human Powered Nebulizer’ settled for the third position. Under Technical Socities, ‘Gesture Controlled Wheelchair’ made by Jatin Batra, Palak Jain, Ashmeet Jheetha, Aman Garg and Mukul Sahni secured the first position while ‘LiFi’ and ‘Robotic Arm’ secured second and third positions respectively.

The project ‘Smart Shoe for blind’ won the prize under ‘Research with larger impact’ category while the project titled ‘Smart Gate Controlling Reservoir System’ secured the ‘Most innovative idea’ prize.

The second day proceeded with the Prize distribution ceremony after which the students were taken on a guided tour of the institute and were introduced to various departments and laboratories. They had an opportunity to have a closer look at various projects prepared by students of the institute. The students thoroughly enjoyed this knowledgeable experience which would help them attain a clearer perspective of their goals. This event was organised by Career Development and Guidance Centre which had a team of around 120 student volunteers led by Bhavnish Goyal, Student Head CDGC.

Top Stories

Role of Geospatial Technology

Workshop on the topic “Role of Geospatial technology in smart city initiatives” was organised by Kalpana Chawla Chair. Sh. Ajoy Sinha highlighted the importance of GIS/GPS in making of Smart Cities.

Mentoring Session On PoCs

Institution’s Innovation Council in collaboration with Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell organized a Regional Mentoring Session on Proof of Concept (PoCs). The session was inaugurated by Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi, Director PEC

Open House 2019

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