Live Session on Start-up Initiatives

Punjab Engineering College live telecasted an interactive session on “Start-ups” by Honourable Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi which was attended by Deans, Heads, faculty and students in the presence of Prof. Manoj K. Arora, Director PEC today on 6 June 2018.

This Start-up India initiative aims at fostering entrepreneurship and promoting innovation by creating incubation cells in schools and colleges. Prof. Arora motivated the young minds to take initiative in this field. He highlighted about Young Research Fellowship of Rs 10000/- which is offered by the institute to the students who excel in the area of research and development. Five fellowships in PhD in innovation have also been approved for those intellectuals who will bring a breakthrough in their respective area of research by their innovative ideas. He urged the audience to participate, to create idea and to avail the benefits of such kinds of initiatives. I wish to convert each and every project to a useful product, said Prof. Arora.

PEC owns its Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell which provides guidance, training and mentorship towards incubating ideas. Recently PEC joined the Triangular International Corridor of UK(Nottingham), India & China in order to establish and sustain an international platform for innovation and entrepreneurship while creating international entrepreneurship mind in youth where PEC is spearheading all the CRIKC institutions. The potential candidates will be sent to Nottingham under this project for six months or one year training programme.

Last year, Freiden Electric, one of the Start-ups at PEC won Rs. 10 Lacs as prize money in an international competition held by the Govt. of Chile. It aims to develop a viable technological solution to enable the growing and promotion of healthier food and crop practices, resulting in better profits for farmers, and healthy chemical free food for the end consumer. Currently the founders of this start-up are in Chile and working on their project. Braiset Software, a text to Braille conversion software, is the second start-up owned by the institute. It’s a Braille printer which has been designed for the blind users.

The session was held at Computer Centre, PEC which was witnessed by more than 60 people from the institute. It was highly inspiring for all the students to listen to the stories of innovators and young entrepreneurs from various parts of the country.

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