Industry Lecture Week – Computer Science Department

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University), Chandigarh organized an expert talk on “IoT and Machine Learning” for all M.Tech. and B.Tech. students on 04th September, 2018 during Industry Academic Expert Week (4th – 7th September). Delivered by Mr. Saurabh, Founder, Techienest, Jaipur, the lecture focused on latest technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning and Data Science. The discussion included real-life examples of IoT such as Mitra, Mohalla clinic of Arvind Kejriwal, 39 smart cities in India and the IoT-based fast trains. The expert further elaborated upon the ATM software (Automated Teller Medicines) for healthcare developed by his company Techienest.

The huge amount of data used in numerous IoT applications is managed with the help of Big Data which gives a wider scope for entrepreneurs in the field. Various platforms like Amazon web services, Microsoft azure, Thingworx, Cisco IoT cloud connect, Oracle integrated cloud and Ge predix can be used to process big data applications. The session covered every aspect of IoT applications from healthcare to automotive, entertainment, transportation etc. Students were invited to be part of projects as interns in Techienest and the expert concluded with the slogan: "Be intelligent enough to create enough to read history, or mad history".

On 7th September, Mr. Bhajneet Dhingra, Senior Manager, Sapient delivered a lecture on “Digital Business Transformation”. The lecture was an interactive one where the audience showed great enthusiasm. The young minds loved to hear the speaker widen their scope of knowledge on the burning topic. The speaker's main focus was on elaborating on the fact that the big companies have lost the luxury of being big. Today's market is in the hands of the innovative. He instilled the belief that Artificial Intelligence is the new literacy.

Mr. Dhingra talked about FAANG, which stands for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google. Such companies have a massive advantage of using tech, which means that if they get into a line of business, the key players will definitely be impacted. He spoke about digital awareness, exponential pace of change, changing technology and consumers, smarter algorithms and generation of massive data unknowingly. He concluded by emphasizing on the need of constantly reinventing and being responsive.

The week proved to be instrumental in giving the students a glimpse of current trends and challenges in the industry. Hearing from such experiences industry leaders gave them the confidence to carry on their research and studies in these dynamic fields to solve the innumerable problems in mankind’s path to advancement.

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