Expert Lecture organized by Department of Aerospace Engineering

As per curriculum, expert lectures were delivered by the eminent experts invited from reputed Industrial and research organization such as ISRO, HAL & DRDO in Aerospace Engineering Department under Industry-Institute-Interaction week during March 21-24, 2017.

Mr. Sudhir Dhamija (Scientist ‘D’, SASE, DRDO, Chandigarh) delivered his talk on ‘Simple techniques in research & developments innovations’ and shared his experience along with case study on PINACA missile with Aerospace Engineering students on 21.03.2017. The talk was highly motivating to the students

Dr. Pankaj Priyadarshi Head, Aerodynamics Design and Data Synthesis Division (ADSD) from VSSC, ISRO, Thiruvananthapuram delivered expert lectures on three topics (i) Indian Space Programme - Opportunities and Challenges for Aerospace Engineers (ii) Aerospace Design through Optimization - introduction to Genetic Algorithms and Multi-objective optimization & (iii) Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Semi-ballistic Reentry Vehicle on 22nd , 23rd and 24th March respectively. He motivated students to join ISRO and work on design optimization and re-entry vehicles.

Gagan Deep Singh, Chief Manager from RWR&DC, HAL, Bangalore shared his HAL experience in the field of helicopters. He delivered expert lecture on ‘Simulation of Flight Dynamics to Predict Helicopter Performance and Handling Qualities’ on 24.03. 2017. He gave an overview of HAL along with activities undergoing in various divisions.

Mr. Sudhir Dhamija explained the concept of Optimization in general terms and then extended it to the design for aerospace applications. He explained with help of two case studies. The first case study was for minimum hinge moment acting on the missile and second case study was design of fin of a missile. He explained that with the help of optimization techniques, a great lot of time and cost is saved and design of the system is almost perfect. He informed that wing design of Boeing 787 was carried out by such techniques.

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