Dramatics Club Organizes ‘AAGHAZ’

Aaghaz, the very first In-house event of the Dramatics Club was successful organised on 17th October, 2018. The youngest members of the club showcased performances which were an essence of their hard work and dedication.  The event consisted of scintillating performances which included sparkling dances and hilarious skits.

What made this event extraordinary was the energy and enthusiasm and the students’ will to show what they have been preparing for more than a month. The highlight of the event was not a particular moment rather it was the effort that the performers and mentors had put in which was clearly reflected on the stage.

The event started with an exuberant dance performance by dramatics club on Bollywood dance numbers such as "desi boys" and "maa da ladla”. The energy of the performance overwhelmingly captured the heart of the audience. Following up there were dance performances on peppy songs like "dilli wali girlfriend", “dil chori" and "ishaqzaade" etc. The retro feel of Bollywood was revived by hilarious fillers like "piya piya" and "choli ke piche".

The students performed a satirical skit titled “Ache Din Kab aayenge” in which the students perfectly portrayed politicians in their daily lives and the struggle. The use of red spotlight in the skit “Aao Hoot Bhagayen” made the scene pictursque and audience were taken back by the entry of the Ghost. The skit was a standout in terms of sound and lighting.

Then the story of why Mechanical Engineering branch has a very poor sex ratio was outstandingly shown in the skit “Na Dhin Dhin Na”. The last skit, “Sabka Katega” which had brilliant characters and well-timed punches was very much celebrated amongst the audience.

The beautiful smiles and expressions of the ladies stole the show whereas attitude and style of the boys was phenomenal. The event showcased various dance forms like contemporary, hip hop, classical, taandav, salsa etc. Giving a glimpse of the western world there were some English songs such as 24k magic, uptown funk, love me like you do.

The senior members poured out their inner comedians in between the skits only to make the entertainment quotient even better. Also, the event ended with a fabulous dance in the end after which all the performers came out and greeted the audience for staying with them throughout. The audience went crazy and some even gathered outside the auditorium to meet their coming superstars of the college. This effort surely made this event a great success.

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