71st Annual Athletic Meet

Day 1

Sports is the way human beings test and surpass their limits of discipline, persistence, compassion and dedication. With the same principles, the 3-day long 71st Annual Athletic Meet of Punjab Engineering College(Deemed to be University), Chandigarh commenced on 9th March 2018. The institute athletic stadium was replete with enthusiasm as the athletes gathered early in the morning for the Opening Assembly. The day began with Dr. Perminderjit Singh, Dean Student Affairs giving a memento to the Chief Guest Dr. Manoj K Arora, Director PEC.

The opening ceremony started with the display of the college’s grit and discipline via March Past, in which students from all the engineering branches took part along with the students of NCC and physical education department. This was followed by an oath ceremony where the athletes took an oath pledging to put their best foot forward and to not resort to unfair means and try their best to be true to the spirit of honesty and sportsmanship. The sports meet was declared open after the unfurling of the flag.

The meet started with 100mts racing heat events for girls and boys. A series of individual events including high jump, long jump, cycling, discuss throw and 400mts hurdle race were held. A number of group events including tug of war, relay race and three legged race were also organized. To honor the winners of the opening day, medal ceremonies were held where Dr. Sanjay Batish, ADSA Sports felicitated the winners. The extravagant sports saga would continue for two more days and would conclude on 11th March.

Winners List:

Shot Put(Boys): 1.Raja, 2. Abhinesh, 3. Kushal; 5000mts(Boys): 1. Devinder, 2. Rahul, 3. Vasudev; High Jump(Boys): 1. Tanishq, 2. Navneet, 3. Deekshant; 4800m Cycling: 1. Dushyant, 2. Nobal, 3. Gagandeep; Long Jump(Boys): 1. Iqshant, 2. Anito, 3. Harmeet; High Jump(Girls): 1. Himanshi, 2. Srushti, 3. Malaika; 1000mts Cycling: 1. Dushyant, 2. Gagandeep, 3. Shubham; 800mts(Boys): 1. Ujjwal, 2. Iqshant, 3. Vasudev; Discuss Throw: 1. Joshita Arora, 2. Rashi, 3. Srushti

Day 2

The second day of the three day long athletics meet of Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University) began with a great splendour and determination exhibited by the participants and the organizers. In the presence of the jury which was made by Dr.Sanjay Batish, Assistant Dean Academic Affairs, Sports, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar from Applied Sciences Department and Sh. Sushil Kumar (CC), the events of the second day started keeping in mind the oath of honesty and sportsmanship, which was taken on the first day.

The stream of competitions began with 1500mts and triple jump race for boys. It was followed by a very interesting 1600mts cycling race for boys. After the 200mts race for both girls and boys, other track events which saw enthusiastic participation by students were 800mts race for girls and 110mts hurdle race for boys. To make their respective branches proud, students participated in the Mixed Inter Branch Relay.

In addition to organizing events for students, the Sports Department had also planned to promote the importance of fitness amongst all via 100mts and 400mts races for faculty as well. Apart from the throwing events, like hammer throw and javelin throw, jumping events like long jump was also scheduled for the day. To encourage and appreciate the winners, Mr. Sanjay Batish facilitated the winners with medals and his blessings.


1500mts(Boys): 1. Devinder 2. Vikram 3. Ujjwal; 1600mts Cycling (Boys): 1. Dushyant 2. Shubham, 3. Gagandeep; 200mts (Girls): 1. Palak 2. Malaika 3. Himani; 200mts (Boys): 1. Tanishq 2. Iqshant 3. Gurashish; 800mts (girls): 1. Srushti 2. Deepshika 3. Himanshi; 110mts Hurdle Race (Boys): 1. Iqshant 2. Abhinav Singhla 3. Tanishq; Mixed Relay (Girls): 1. Avantika, 2. Anito, 3. Mukul

400 mts Relay (Girls): 1. Avantika 2. Vanshika 3. Manvi; Javelin (Boys): 1. Vikram 2. Raja 3. Rajkumar; Javelin (Girls): 1. Harkamal 2. Rashi 3. Avantika 

Day 3

Continuing its legacy of inter-disciplinary excellence and overall growth and development of its students, Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University) concluded its 71st Annual Athletic Meet on 11th March, 2018 in the presence of the Chief Guest Dr. Anil Koul, Director CSIR-IMTech, Dr. Manoj K Arora, Director PEC, Dr. Perminderjit Singh, DSA, Dr. Sanjay Batish, ADSA Sports, faculty members and athletes.

Beginning with the inauguration ceremony on 9th March, the three-day extravagant affair constituted of more than 80 events of Track and Field, Cycling, Tug of War, etc. Not limited to only students of all genders, years and branches, the sporting events were open to faculty and staff as well. The enthusiasm of the participants was infectious and encouraging. The vast crowd in attendance was proof of the institute's dedication to all-round development of its students and the significance of becoming achievers in different fields.

The spirit of the competition continued even on the third and final day with the finale of racing events like 100mts. Other challenging events like the 400mt hurdle race and the 10,000mts race kept the audience at its edge while the hallmark of PEC sports meet, the iconic obstacle race, kept the audience entertained with its excitingly fun obstacles. To complement the vigor of the final day full of spirited sporting events, the students presented a disciplined march past welcoming the esteemed Chief Guest. The renowned Chief Guest was presented with token of gratitude following which he inspired the audience with his motivational speech where he elucidated on the importance of finding time for physical activities and maintaining their peak health besides unlocking their intellectual and academic potential. He talked about the importance of sports and discussed the three dimensions of sports that included competitive spirit, health and stress. He stressed that failures are part of life and encouraged everyone to learn from their failures and move forward in life. Next, the Director addressed the gathering and updated them with the series of infrastructure developments planned for the coming year while the ADSA Sports acquainted the gathering with the sports annual report. The efforts of the participants were recognized and appreciated by the jury which was made up by ADSA Sports, Dr. Sanjay Batish, Prof Sanjiv Kumar and Prof Sushil Kumar.

The prize distribution ceremony followed where the Chief Guest presented the students with awards which included the award for best athletes: Iqshant (Boys) and Srushti(Girls). The entire athletic stadium applauded the winners and shared their pride as they stood at the podium, gracefully celebrating yet another victory for themselves as well as the college.


Hurdle Race (Boys): 1. Iqshant 2. Uditanshu 3. Tanishq; 10000mts (Boys): 1. Devinder 2. Vikram 3. Nishant; 50mts (Girls): 1. Malaika 2. Palak 3. Himani; Shotput (Girls): 1. Harkamaljot 2. Avantika 3. Manvi; 400mts (Boys): 1. Iqshant 2. Tanishq  3.Ujjwal; 100mts (Boys):1. Iqshant 2. Tanishq 3. Abhinav; Obstacle Race: 1. Iqshant 2. Udit 3. Guneev; 100mts (Girls): 1. Malaika 2. Palak 3. Himani                  


Best Athelete: Iqshant Aggarwal (First), Tanishq Mittal (Second)

Best Athlete: Srushti Patel (First), Palak Saini (Second)

Fastest Boy: Iqshant Aggarwal

Fastest Girl: Malaika Maini

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