Ist Announcement
Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Punjab Engineering College

(Deemed to be University) Chandigarh

International Conference on Advanced Materials, Metallurgy and Manufacturing
1st-2nd November, 2022
One day Workshop on Materials Characterization
3rd November, 2022


This International Conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, research scholars and the industry to exchange and share their recent research outcomes on all aspects. It has two fold outcomes. First two days are dedicated to four sessions namely: Advanced Energy materials, Composites and their applications, ADI Technology, Surface Technology, followed by a one day workshop on Materials Characterization for participants. It focuses on synthesis, processing, characterization, structure, physical properties and computational aspects of advanced materials, functional materials, metals and alloys. It will include several plenary lectures and keynote talks by eminent personalities from around the world, in addition to contributed papers both oral and poster presentations.

One day workshop aims to provide hands-on experience and training to the research community on TGA-DTA, FTIR, SEM-EDS, Fatigue Testing, Wear testing and ADI Technology (Pilot Plant). Target audience are Engineering and Scientific Faculty, Scientists in research labs, research scholars, postgraduate from academia and industry personnel, etc. Conference is planned with following main objectives:

  • To generate awareness about the importance of materials in research
  • To highlight the influence of metallurgical aspects on the properties of materials
  • To enhance the knowledge of selection of different grades of materials to improve the efficiency of industries
  • To share economic viewpoints on manufacturing processes

Technical Field of Proposals

  • Advances in Process Metallurgy
  • Advanced Ceramics, Polymer and Metals
  • Recent Advances in Biomaterials
  • Tribology: Materials, Surfaces and Coating
  • Corrosion
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Functional Materials for Electronics and Energy Applications
  • Recent Approaches in Renewable Energy
  • Advanced materials in waste and pollution management

Expected Outcomes of the Conference

  • Learning and knowledge exchange among conference participants through interdisciplinary discussions
  • Opportunity for the collaboration with leading research labs, organization and industries


Punjab Engineering College, which was established in 1921, completed its 100 years on November 9, 2021. Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University), Chandigarh having its roots in Lahore, has been the foremost institution of higher technical education in the northern part of India since independence. Currently this institute is offering 8 undergraduate courses, 12 post -graduate courses and Ph.D. programmes. It is a Grant-in-Aid institution under administration of Union Territory of Chandigarh, Government of India. The faculty of academic departments and centers is involved in cutting edge research and development works. The institute collaborates very closely with research organisations, industries, alumni and other academic institutions both within India and abroad, and has signed MoUs to pursue joint research in niche areas.

Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

The Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, earlier Metallurgical Engineering was established in 1963. It offers B.Tech. programme in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, M.Tech. programme in Industrial Materials and Metallurgy and PhD programme. The thrust areas of research are materials development, biomaterials, tribology, corrosion, advanced ceramics, blast mitigation, lightweight materials, nanomaterials, electrocatalysts for energy conversion and storage. This department has well equipped laboratories and highly qualified faculty. Department works for the proliferation of knowledge for the innovations in Materials and Metallurgy to the technical community.

Important Dates

Sr. No Activity Date
1. Registration opening 1st July, 2022
2. Last date for Registration 5th October, 2022
3. Last date for Abstract submission 7th October, 2022
4. Last Decision on acceptance/ rejection 9th October, 2022
5. Conference 1-3rd November, 2022

Details for Sessions and Keynote Speakers

Session- I
Advanced Energy materials
Session- II
Composites and their applications
(Biomaterials and their applications, Ceramic composites, Polymer composites and MMCs)
Session- III
ADI Technology and Advanced Processes in Metallurgy
(Extractive Metallurgy, Casting, Welding Technology, Sintering, Powder Metallurgy)
Session- IV
Surface Technology
(Coatings, Tribology, Corrosion, Surface Treatment)

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Olivier Guillon

Prof. Olivier Guillon
Director at Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany, Institute of Energy and Climate Research IEK-1: Materials Synthesis and Processing

His expertise is in the field of Materials Synthesis and Processing, Field Assisted Sintering Technique/ Spark Plasma Sintering which is the need of the upcoming technology and required for the development of advanced materials.

Prof. Anil Mahapatro

Prof. Anil Mahapatro
Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, USA

His work comprises of Advances in Biomaterials and their applications such as: Biomaterials and bioengineering, 3D printing of biomaterials, surface modification of bio-metallic alloys, biodegradable metallic Implants, tissue engineering, nanotechnology, drug delivery, design and optimization of bio-devices.

Dr. Dariusz Garbiec

Dr. Dariusz Garbiec
Łukasiewicz – Metal Forming Institute, Poznan, Poland

He is the Leader of the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Research Group at the Łukasiewicz Research Network - Poznań Institute of Technology. The main area of his activity is the Field Assisted Sintering Technique / Spark Plasma Sintering (FAST/SPS) and industrialization of this technology.

Prof. Salvatore Grasso

Prof. Salvatore Grasso
Senior lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

His expertise is in Field Assisted Fast Sintering. His current research is around the use of intense Electric and Magnetic fields to develop novel processing techniques to design unprecedented materials properties. Environmental sustainability is a key aspect driving research towards intelligent manufacturing.

Prof. Zhichuan J. Xu

Prof. Zhichuan J. Xu
NTU Singapore

The nature of his research is highly interdisciplinary, emerging technologies from the fields of electrochemical biosensors, energy storage, microelectrode fabrication, bioanalytical chemistry, and material science. His research group leverages broad expertise in material synthesis. Present attention is focused on synthesis of mesoporous metal oxides with regular pore structures.

Dr. Jan Hostaša

Dr. Jan Hostaša

He holds experience in the production and characterization of oxide-based transparent ceramics and composites, at present mostly for the applications in optics, lasers and scintillators.

Dr. Blaz Jugelz

Dr. Blaz Jugelz
Global Program Manager, HELLA, Slovenia

He is Global Program Manager CBL for French and Japanese OEMs at HELLA. His expertise is in the fields of contact mechanics, tribology, materials, etc.

Prof. Rey Y. Capangpangan

Prof. Rey Y. Capangpangan
Mindanao State University, Philippines

He is a Professor of Chemistry in MSU-Naawan, who specializes in the wide applications of nanotechnology and material Science. His research interests are in areas of synthesis, characterization, and applications (biomedical and environmental) of various polymers and nanomaterials.

Registration Fees

S. No


Amount (INR/USD)


IIM Members



Academicians/ Scientist*



Research Scholars/ Students*



Industry Personnel



Foreign Delegates

$ 150/-


(Max. 30 participants, FCFS basis)*

(in addition to the conf. fee)

*Note: Max. 15 faculty, 30 students for conference and 9 participants for workshop from within PEC.


Organizing Committees

  • Prof. Baldev Setia, Director, PEC Chandigarh
  • Prof. Uma Batra, Prof & Head, MMED
  • Dr. J. D. Sharma, Faculty, MMED
  • Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Faculty, MMED
  • Prof. Suresh Chand, Faculty, MMED
  • Dr. Ranvir Singh Panwar, Faculty, MMED
  • Dr. Ravi Kant, Faculty, MMED
  • Dr. Sandan Kumar Sharma, Faculty, MMED
  • Dr. Anu Prathap M.U., Faculty, MMED
  • Dr. Mahesh V. P., Faculty, MMED

Advisory Committee

1. Prof. B.S.S. Daniel, IIT Roorkee
2.Prof. G.P. Chaudhari, IIT Roorkee
3.Prof. Kantesh Balani, IIT Kanpur
4.Prof. Ravi Kumar, IIT Madras
5.Prof. Anurabh, IIT Kanpur
6.Prof. Surya D. Yadav, IIT BHU
7.Prof. Sunil Mohan, IIT BHU
8.Prof. Amartya Mukhopadhyay, IIT Bombay
9.Prof. Pradip Roy, IIT BHU
10.Prof. Ashutosh Dubey, IIT BHU
11.Prof. Srinivasa R. Bakshi, IIT Madras
12.Prof. Vikas Jindal, IIT BHU
13.Prof. Anish Upadhyaya, IIT Kanpur
14.Prof. Sanjeev Kumar, PEC Chandigarh
15.Prof. Prajapati, PEC Chandigarh
16.Prof. S. K. Singh, PEC Chandigarh
17.Prof. Vasundhara Singh, PEC Chandigarh
18.Prof. Divya Bansal, PEC Chandigarh

Address for Correspondence

Contact Details:

    Dr. J D Sharma
    E-mail: icammm.pec@gmail.com
    Phone: +91- 1722753951 (Office, MMED)


    Conference: Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,
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    Workshop:   Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,
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