Student Committee for Career Development & Guidance Centre
Dedicated Student Committee

The Student Committee for Career Developmet & Guidance Centre  is dedicated for preparing students and connecting them  to appropriate opportunities. The committee will:

  • Develop specific recruiting strategies to maximize your success
  • Provide assistance to facilitate your recruitment process
  • Interact with you  to obtain feedback 
  • Arranging Interactive session with Departments.

More than awards and rankings, however, the strength of our employer relations depends upon our graduates. What keeps employers returning to PEC to recruit year after year is the success of previous recruits within their organisation. This is a testament to the strong real-world skills the students are exposed to through an applied, hands-on curriculum which, in turn, develops a highly success-oriented graduate.




Web  Co-ordinator

  1. Ketan Kohli
  2. Nikhil Aggarwal


Career Development Team

  1. Vaibhav
  2. Simar
  3. Anubhav
  4. Abhishek
  5. Akshit
  6. Anish
  7. Vishal
  8. Aarushi
  9. Jayant
  10. Abhinav Garg
  11. Siddhant
  12. Tanya


Start-Up Team

  1. Ankit Singa
  2. Abhishek Vij
  3. Bhavnish Goyal
  4. Falak Singla
  5. Nikhil Arora


Education Sector Enhancement Team

  1. Sumit
  2. Aman Shrarma
  3. Kanish Bajaj


 Corporate Relations - Team


  1. Jasleen
  2. Utsav
  3. Pulkit
  4. Sahil
  5. Pranav
  6. Komal


Exchange Program &  Training - Team


  1. Shreya
  2. Ankit Manchanda


Hospitality Team


  1. Arzoo Garg
  2. Gurjant
  3. Akshat
  4. Abhishek Kiran


 Data Analytics  - Team

  1. Rohit
  2. Mohit
  3. Pranav
  4. Bhavnish Goyal
  5. Phalak


  Notifying  Team

  1. Ria Tyagi
  2. Ankit Singla

Career Development & Guidance Centre  at PEC, comprising of the Institute and the Department Student CDGC co-ordinators . They can be reached at