Research Groups as per UGC thrust areas
  • Pulse Detonation

    Pulse detonation engine is a new propulsion system on which the research all over the world is going on. Very few people in India are working on the development of the Pulse detonation engine to enhance the flight performance of the aircrafts.
  • Green Chemistry and Catalysis

    The main activity of the group is to undertake the synthesis, characterization and study of catalytic activity of catalysts based on ionic liquids and use of inorganic supports like clays and silica. The subject of green chemistry or green chemical processes is known to provide front end solution to eliminate use and generation of hazardous substances.
  • Geological Remote Sensing

    The research group aims at working on problems relating to application of remote sensing to geological processes. Topics will be floated to carry out research by selecting problems in the close vicinity of Chandigarh.
  • High Performance Concrete

    Construction and demolition waste generation has exceedingly increased around the world. Out of various types of construction and demolition waste, concrete constitutes about 80% of the total waste. Therefore, it is necessary to recycle concrete waste to recycled aggregate and recycled aggregate concrete.
  • Environment Engineering: Ground Water Pollution due to polluted drains

    The ground water sources are getting polluted due to percolating city waste waters, industrial effluents and other waste waters such as agricultural runoff meeting the polluted water drains. Though some times the percolating rainwater may also carry minerals of earth crust soils to the ground water and pollute it.
  • Information Security Research Group

    The Information Security Research Group will create an environment for educational and research-related activities in information security. The results of the research will have the form of new knowledge published in prestigious journals and at international conferences, techniques applicable in computer engineering and demonstration of applications in the areas of information technology that contribute to solving the current security issues of our society.
  • Power System: Green Power – Renewable Energy Integration in the smart electricity grid

    Given the backdrop of rising overall energy demand, global warming, finite fossil fuel resources, cyber attack risks, power shortages, the potential of various renewable energies to contribute to a sustainable global energy supply assumes large importance. The Renewable Energy Group’s mission is to support the Sustainable Energy Technologies by developing solutions to key issues facing development and widespread deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies.
  • Microcontroller based System

    The Research Group is involved in research related to Microprocessor & Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems.The departements has facilities /equipments for conducting research based on 8051 microcontrtoller & PIC Microcontrollers and is also acquiring AVR & ARM processor based kits.
  • Wireless Design and Planning in the field of Wireless Communication

    The research group is developing a centre of excellence in the field of wireless communication for design and planning of wireless systems, to provide model facility for research, consultancy, teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students and training of engineers as well as various engineering college teaching faculties in this region.
  • Digital Design (VLSI)

    The research group is setting up a Digital Design Laboratory which will help in making important contributions to the field of Digital Design. Further the development of application prototypes will help in attracting both projects and financial support from the semiconductor industry.
  • Data Mining

    Knowledge discovery and Data mining is an interdisciplinary area focusing upon methodologies for extracting useful knowledge from data. The ongoing rapid growth of online data due to the Internet and the widespread use of databases have created an immense need for KDD methodologies.
  • Biomaterials

    Under the thrust area “Biomaterials” the research will be undertaken on the subfields like Nano scale Bio Ceramics, Biomineralization, Development of Scaffold and Bone Cements, and Biomimetic coatings
  • Nano Materials: Synthesis and Characterization

    Energy and environment are the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Nanomaterials with their attractive chemical and physical properties are being explored for their potential in energy, environmental, electronic and magnetic applications. In nanostructured materials, the elemental steps of energy conversion like charge transfer, molecular rearrangement, chemical reactions etc. take place on the nanoscale.