Expert Lecture on Place of Stress, Time and Relationship Management in Personal Development

The Centre of Management and Humanities, PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, organized an interactive session on “Place of stress, time and relationship management in personal development” for the students of engineering during the Industry Academia Expert Lecture Week.

Ms. Renee Singh, a counsellor, therapist, entrepreneur, and management guru delivered the lecture interspersed with questions from the students. The session began with Dr. Sharda Kaushik, Head of CMH, presenting our guest with a bouquet. During the session Ms. Renee Singh stressed on the fact that evolving as a person and growing constantly wherever one is builds up one’s personality. She emphasized on distinguishing a dream from a goal, and how the latter involved systematic planning and sustained effort. She quoted that enthusiasm without direction is a wildfire that leads to frustration. She also talked about the importance of self-analysis and the need of meditation in our lives. Personality development amounts to not only physical and mental wellness but the development of emotional and social self too. She indulged into taking queries from the students about their goals and application of a set plan of action towards reaching the set goal. Lastly, she conducted a meditation session for the audience which felt rejuvenated and sense of oneness. She also wanted thestudents to be able to express themselves putting aside the fear of what others think of them.

The session was quite informative and students thoroughly enjoyed it. The lecture recorded a participation of over 80 students belonging to B.Tech. 1st year Computer Science, Electronics and Communication and Electrical Engineering and ended with Prof. V.K. Deveshwar offering a memento to the speaker.

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