Expert lecture on Frontiers in Magnetic Recording Research:

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh organized an expert lecture on Frontiers in Magnetic recording research:  vision for 10 Terabits/inch2 on 20th June 2016. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Charanjit Singh Bhatia, Professor, ECE Department of National University Singapore. Prof. C. S. Bhatia discussed at length about the computer storage device i.e. hard disk drive beginning from its evolution to current and its future trends. He explained about the atomic engineering with the various magnetic materials required to store the data. The concept of spintronics for sensing the stored data in the hard disk was also talked about. He also showed results of the experiments that were conducted by his team. He altogether discussed the vision of increasing the storage capacity of hard disk drives upto Terabits. Prof. C. S. Bhatia discussed about the latest technology of Heat assisted Magnetic recording (HAMR) which is considered to be the next frontier in Computer hard disk drive that can increase the data densities to 4 TB/in2. Prof. Bhatia also shared the future technological aspect such as Bit Pattern Media in combination with HAMR that can increase the storage capacity of a Hard disk drive upto 10 Terabits/inch2.

The lecture was attended by postgraduate, Research scholars and faculty of ECE department. The lecture was highly enlightening particularly for the younger generation of engineers / researchers to understand the technology innovations taking place in the field, around the world. The lecture received enthusiastic response from the attendees. Dr. Neena Gupta, Head, Electronics & Communication Engineering Department said that this is an initiative towards establishing academic tie ups and encouraging collaborative research efforts with National University Singapore (NUS), Singapore.

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