Expert lecture by Dr. Noe Alba-Baena, Professor in Manufacturing Engineering, UACJ, Mexico

An expert lecture of Dr. Noe Alba-Baena, Professor in Manufacturing Engineering, UACJ, Mexico was held today at Centre of Total Quality Management. Prof Alba is on sabbatical at NIT Jalandhar where he is teaching Research Methodology. The session was focused on the latest application of DoE in problem solving and was attended by the students of MTech TQM and MTech Production. Prof Alba started the session by explaining difference in scientific method of research and engineering method of research. The former method deals in answering a question whereas the later focuses on finding a solution to a problem. DoEs are extensively used for engineering research. He explained the use of mixture design through a case study, where a problem of colour variation was solved in a patina process (process of a protective covering on a copper artefact). He explained how to optimize the result using MINTAB. His delivery and content was very well appreciated by students and faculty.

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